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The SMART(PE) Department incorporates the Science, Mathematics, Research and Technology courses inclusive of the physical education courses.

The courses are rigorous with an emphasis on concepts and skills while the students are successful in completing the States Regents Assessment. The students will develop important insights into the components, processes and interactions of each discipline. Students will also transfer their acquired knowledge and skills to real life situations and contexts. Projects are added to units to allow students to demonstrate what they know in a variety of ways as they strive to solve real life problems.

Some of the classes that are offered in the SMART Department include: Geometry, Physics, Algebra, Chemistry, Calculus, Living Environment, Computer Science (Different Grade Levels), College Algebra and Trigonometry, Biology 101 (Medgar Evers), Physical Education, Explorations in Math, Forensics, Health and Mixed Media.

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Dr. Bernal



The Humanities Department at EWSA spans across several subject areas that include, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Social Studies, Law & Law Enforcement,  and Modern Language.  Our Advanced Placement course offerings include AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP United States History & Government, AP English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, and AP Spanish Language & Culture. 

We are one of only six schools in New York City to offer a Law Enforcement Academy Program as part of the larger Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. Students enrolled in this program take courses such as Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Police Science.  By the eleventh grade LEA/CTE students take college courses as well as participate in paid internships throughout the city including at The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and Federal District Courts.  Our students engage in rigorous coursework and are challenged to think critically, all while applying their new knowledge to real world situations.  The teachers of the Humanities Department engage our students in panel discussions, Socratic seminars, debates, mock trials, flipped classrooms, and reenactments of historical time periods.

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Ms. Heckstall



The bands at the Grand Street Campus offer over 300 students the opportunity to play music of high artistic merit at their level of proficiency, from beginner to highly advanced. Students are placed into the differing levels of bands (Concert/Beginner Band, Repertory Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble) not by age but by an audition process. This allows younger students with a high level of experience to be placed into the top ensembles and it allows students to enter the band program as beginners at any age.

In addition to the four main wind bands at the Grand Street Campus, the program offers two full jazz ensembles, two guitar ensembles, a Latin Jazz Band, four periods of piano lab and a full musical theater program. All of these course offerings allow each high school at the Grand Street Campus to offer the citywide 4-year high school music sequence, allowing students to graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma with a music endorsement. The Grand Street Campus also hosts the All-City High School Marching Band, the All-City High school Concert Band, NYSSMA Majors Festival #20 and the NYC Area-All State Music Festival. All Grand Street Campus Band students are given the opportunity to participate in these events.

No experience is necessary to join the band program. Band WILL cover the music and elective credits you need to graduate and look amazing on your college application.

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